Prize Saver

Win up to £5,000 while you save!?

£5,000 first prize and 20 additional money prizes every month

A CHANCE TO WIN BY SAVING as little as £1 every month

Every £1 you save is an entry up £200 each month for the chance of winning £5,000 every month with bonus prizes included!

The smaller prizes are:

  • 10 x £50 winners!
  • 10 x £20 winners!

How does it work?

PrizeSaver accounts are simple: every £1 in your account at the end of each month gives you one automatic entry into the following month’s prize draw. You get a maximum of 200 entries a month, which is equal to £200 in savings!

If you win, your credit union will contact you to let you know!

To open a Prize Saver

You need to be a member with us to open a PrizeSaver account, to do this just click here!

Already a member? Just contact us via phone or email, it’s completely free to join! Click here for our contact details!

Want to know more? Just visit the PrizeSaver website here!