Adult Savings

Share Account

A simple savings account that is held by all of our members. You can pay in as little or as much as you wish and providing your savings are not secured by a loan, you can withdraw funds whenever you wish. (A minimum of £2 must be kept in your share account at all times for it to remain open)

Rainy Day Account

If you want to save for that special occasion then this is the account for you. You can pay in as much or as little as you wish and you choose if you want this account "Locked". Members often use this account for Holidays, Weddings and in some cases to leave a sum for funeral expenses.

Christmas Savings Account

Wanting a Debt Free Christmas?
Start taking the right steps, by opening a Christmas Savings Account with us.
We only allow you to withdraw money from this account on the 1st November until the 31st December. Meaning that you won’t be tempted to spend the money on something else!

Prize Linked Savings Account

Our prize linked savings accounts give you the chance to win money simply by saving. £1 you save, is 1 entry into our prize draw. Where you can have the chance of winning £5,000 per month! You can withdraw money at anytime too, giving you the freedom to save. This is a pilot scheme run by HMRC and we are the only Credit Union in Wales to be offering this scheme. 

What are Attached Savings?

We ask everyone who borrows from us, to also save a small amount into your Attached Savings Account. This is because; Credit Unions use member’s savings to lend to other members.

How can you pay into your account?

You can pay into your account via standing order, which you can set up via your online banking,  via payroll deduction, in  person with cash in our office at 139 High Street, Merthyr Tydfil or at our Collection points.

What is MoneyWorks Wales?

MoneyWorks Wales is hassle free savings and borrowing paid directly from your wages. To start saving or apply for a loan check if your employer is already part of the scheme, then fill in a payroll deduction form, sign it and send it to us Merthyr Tydfil Borough Credit Union.

Current Employers who are part of MoneyWorks Wales 
Merthyr Valleys Homes, Merthyr Housing Association, MTIB, Welsh Government, Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, NHS Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, JNP Legal, Tydfil Training, and Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Trust.

If you are an employer or employees who would like further information about offering MoneyWorks Wales payroll deduction to your staff, click here